Shopify plus

10 (good) reasons to choose Shopify Plus

We live in a digital age where the e-commerce is constantly booming and offers huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Shopify Plus, an advanced version of the popular e-commerce platform Shopify, is a powerful tool that enables businesses to scale big and succeed in a highly competitive online market. With its robust features and flexibility, Shopify Plus has become the choice for many businesses. Let’s explore the top benefits of using this platform in more detail.


Go headless #4 – Serverless deployment

Headless a serverless deployment jsou dva různé přístupy k vytváření a nasazování webových aplikací. Lze je však použít i společně k vytvoření výkonného a efektivního systému.

Shopify Plus vs. Adobe Commerce vs. Shoptet Premium

Shopify Plus vs. Adobe Commerce vs. Shoptet Premium

Comparing e-commerce platforms is a key step in choosing the right solution for your well-functioning online store. There are many options on the market, and this time we’ll focus on the comparison of three popular options: Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce, and Shoptet Premium. Who are they suitable for and what are their pros and cons? What are the functionalities and what solution should you choose? You can find out all this in our article below.

mage titans

Mage Titans 2023: Report from the Magento Community Conference

Our colleague Marek Kubačák recently attended the Mage Titans 2023 conference in Manchester and we bring you a short report on what he experienced and what the latest trends in Magento are.

Hyvä vs. PWA: What’s better for your e-commerce?

Hyvä and PWA (Progressive Web Application). They are often mentioned in the context of modernizing and improving e-commerce. These two different technologies or approaches can be used for different purposes. Hyvä is a template for creating e-commerce websites, while PWAs are advanced web applications. What exactly are the differences between the two, when to use them and who are they suitable for?

Adobe Commerce: What’s new?

Do you know what’s new and what’s coming up in the Adobe Commerce world? We’ve summarized the highlights for you so you don’t miss anything important.

Magento Open Source vs. Adobe Commerce

Lately, we have noticed that many of our customers are a bit confused about what version of Magento to choose, which one better suits their needs, so let’s have a closer look at it. Nowadays, Adobe offers two different solutions for e-commerce customers: Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

Security updates and Adobe Commerce products enhancements

Christmas season is over. Now it’s time to reflect on how your e-shop performed, whether it coped with the Christmas onslaught, whether you are satisfied with its performance, and the platform’s capabilities. Without a doubt that is a must. But what about e-shop security? Have you thought about that too? Adobe Commerce thinks about security for you.

Improved customer experience?

Christmas is over, the strongest shopping season of 2021. Czech and European e-commerce grew significantly. But the question is how to make the most of this growth? One way is to improve the customer experience. We have some useful tips on how to do it.