Marketplace is for you if you:
  • are a medium to large company looking to expand your business and increase revenue.
  • are looking for a way to reach new customers.
  • have a lot of customers and want to get more revenue.
  • need to gain a competitive advantage. 
  • want to improve your brand and customer loyalty.
Strategies for successful growth on marketplaces

Online stores that have already become marketplaces or are connected to one grow twice as fast.

Increase revenue and profitability

Become a marketplace or connect to a popular existing marketplace to gain access to a wider range of customers and products, increasing your revenue and profitability.

customer experience
Improve the customer experience

Offer customers an attractive and personalized shopping space that enhances their shopping experience and strengthens their loyalty to your brand.

Easy scalability and great flexibility

Build your e-commerce platform on a proven foundation that allows for easy scalability and flexibility to adapt quickly to market changes and grow over the long term.

Become a marketplace
  • Increase revenue and profitability with a wider product offering, new vendors and additional revenue streams.
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty without pressure on warehouse and logistics.
  • Scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and grow over time.
marketplace operator
Connect to a marketplace
  • Reach more customers through a wider range of sales channels.
  • Leverage the power of familiar marketplaces to increase trust and brand awareness.
  • Sustainable growth through increased sales volume and effective risk management.
  • Opportunity to test new products.
Why choose Magexo
  • We have experience and references from complex international e-commerce projects.
  • We work with proven technologies and partners such as
  • We get you on well-known marketplaces like,,, and more. 
  • We build on open and transparent communication.
  • By automating processes, we are able to offer a reasonable price for development and shorten time-to-market.