What is it?

Headless simply means separating the frontend from the backend, so they can work independently. Composable commerce approach allows you to integrate the best available tools and technologies into the platform to create your optimal e-commerce stack.


The frontend is separated from the backend, but is still dependent on the underlying backend system. Using a headless approach is the first step towards a flexible architecture and tends to be an integral part of the composable commerce ecosystem.

composable commerce icon
Composable commerce

Takes flexibility to the next level. Each component of the system (not just the entire frontend) is independent of the others, meaning it can be replaced without impacting the rest of the system. So you can adapt quickly to new trends without costly large-scale changes.

flexible architecture
Flexible architecture

A stable and fast platform is not a competitive advantage, but a necessity. Headless or composable architecture is ideal not only for growing your business, but also during sales peaks (advertising campaigns, Black Fridays) to eliminate backend overload.

For whom is this solution suitable?
  • medium and larger companies looking to grow and expand quickly
  • companies that use multiple systems and want to integrate them together
  • if you want to experiment in the form of MVPs and validate ideas quickly
Benefits of composable commerce
  • Using the most appropriate software – you choose and engage the best possible solution for your needs. The transition to composable commerce can be done all at once or gradually.
  • Best possible customer experience – you define your own personalized CX.
  • Flexibility and agility – you define exactly how your frontend and backend will work. No vendor lock-in, you simply swap out components.
  • High scalability – you can easily monitor and run services in parallel continuously or during peaks. 
  • Speed – you can quickly adapt to customer requirements, i.e. shorter time-to-market.
  • Happier developers – they no longer have to worry that a change in one area will affect the entire system.
  • Reduced costs – you only choose the features and vendors you actually need. Plus, you spread IT costs over time.
Benefits of headless solutions
  • Multiple views with one backend – you can customize the store view for different devices. 
  • Better performance – fewer database queries and fewer updates with backend involvement. 
  • Integration – easy integration with existing systems. 
  • Flexibility – you can use any language and framework depending on your needs. Greater independence and interchangeability of components.
  • Customization – you don’t have to use off-the-shelf solutions. You can customize both backend and frontend according to your needs.
  • Testing – headless applications are easier to test.
  • API – defined backend API that can be easily integrated with different frontends and services.
  • Scaling – for larger projects, you can split frontend tasks between multiple teams.
Why choose MageXo?
  • Implementing these customized solutions requires a highly skilled and experienced team. 
  • We have experience and references from complex international projects
  • We are a Czech company with more than 10 years of experience with Adobe Commerce/Magento.
  • We are certified Adobe Commerce/Magento experts and have 60+ professionals.
  • We significantly reduce Time-To-Market and Total-Costs-Of-Ownership due to reasonable development costs and automated processes.