The ideal choice if you
  • are a medium or large company, operating in multiple markets or planning expansion or consolidation.
  • need a robust platform for managing product catalogs, order processing, and customer relationship management.
  • operate in B2B and are looking for a platform with extra functionality for this segment.
  • want to sell through multiple channels like marketplaces, social media and offline stores.
Enter the next level of your business

Adobe Commerce/Magento is the global leader in digital commerce, according to to Gartner and Forrester. Not only for its scalability and support for multiple languages and currencies, it’s the ideal solution for expansion.

flexible e-commerce platform
Great flexibility and scalability

With intuitive administration, extensive omnichannel and seamless third-party integrations, it easily adapts to your needs, whatever they may be.

5000+ features
Feature-rich platform

You don’t have to develop everything from scratch. An ecosystem with over 5000+ ready-to-use features saves time and money. A detailed description of the native functionality is here

Ideal for headless and PWA

The service-oriented architecture of Adobe Commerce/Magento provides an advantage in implementing headless, composable commerce and PWA solutions.

The world's largest ecosystem
  • 5000+ ready-to-use features that save you time and costs
  • New version every quarter with updates and new functionality
  • Large community with over 400,000 members
Your customers deserve a unique experience
customer experience
customer experience

With the benefits of extensive omnichannel, you’ll be in touch with your customers wherever possible. Plus, with extensive personalisation options.

content management
Superior content management

The result is rich content pages and extended product descriptions directly integrated into the catalog using an advanced native content editor.

B2C & B2B

You can serve your B2B and B2C customers from one place and in the spirit of the D2C approach. A range of extra B2B features is available.

Easy integration and useful reporting
  • Easy API integration with marketplaces, payment gateways, accounting systems, ERP, CRM, etc. You can take full advantage of the composable commerce principle. 
  • Integration with other Adobe products is a matter of course. 
  • Plus, you have all your data in one place. You get it straight into easy-to-understand reports for a better understanding of your business.
Implementation with MageXo
  • We are certified Adobe Commerce/Magento experts (Adobe Bronze Solution Partner) and have 60+ Magento professionals.
  • We are a Czech company with more than 10 years of experience with Adobe Commerce/Magento.
  • We have experience and references from complex international projects
  • We develop our own headless and composable commerce solutions.
  • We believe that transparency is the key to long-term cooperation.
  • We significantly reduce Time-To-Market and Total-Costs-Of-Ownership due to a lot of ready-to-use functionalities, reasonable development costs and automated processes.
  • We have a comprehensive CI/CD background for orchestration and automation within development and operations.
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