Serve great UX to your team
your enrichment process

Enhance team productivity and spirit. Set the statuses and the enrichment process workflow in a couple of clicks.

Fast and powerful

Ergonode is built to handle millions of products without limiting you in your work.


Using functions such as the inheritance tree, you can easily create an unlimited number of language mutations.

Ergonode is just for you if
  • You want to get rid of copying data from various sources, save time and eliminate errors.
  • You have a team of people managing the product catalog and you want to streamline your processes.
  • You manage a large number of products.
  • You promote and sell products with extensive product data through various channels.
  • You operate in multiple markets with different languages.
  • You want to create different content for each marketplace.
Working with product data is so easy
Design your product data
  • Define unlimited product attributes and use a wide range of attribute types.
  • Customize product data using template designer tool.
Manage the product catalog
  • Changes made directly to product lists with easy mass operations as in Excel.
  • Flexible columns setup with drag&drop system and advanced products filtering.
Flexible import & export
  • Place different import profiles for connecting your internal systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) and prepare export profiles for external systems (e.g., Magento).
It’s open-source

With the Ergonode open-source system, you can simply and securely manage thousands to millions of products. The architecture is flexible due to independent backend and frontend communicating via REST API. The headless approach and Vue.js guarantee great performance and allow adaptation as a Desktop PWA.

Implementation with Magexo
  • We are a certified Ergonode gold partner.
  • We support full PIM project lifecycle: consultation, configuration integration and customization 
  • We will guide you through the integration with other systems.
  • We are part of the international Strix consortium within which we share resources and know-how.
  • We believe that transparency is the key to long-term cooperation.
  • Thanks to the reasonable development costs, and automated processes, we significantly lower Time-To-Market and Total-Costs-of-Ownership.
  • We use a complex CI/CD environment for orchestration and automation in development and operation.
Our office
Prosecká 855/68, Praha 9, Czech Republic