An ideal choice if you
  • are a medium to large business that needs scalable e-commerce platform.
  • need to speed up page loads.
  • want to improve customer experience and increase conversion rate.
  • want to easily integrate additional tools and services.
  • have an overloaded development team.
The universal platform for growing your business

Sell across all channels and markets with the dynamic Shopify platform. You’ll have all your sales and customer data in one place.

Higher conversions

Increase mobile conversions by up to 91% with fast and secure checkout and personalization and automation at every stage of the buying process.

Outstanding performance

Shopify offers high speed and performance for your online store that will fully match Core Web Vitals. All without having to invest in complex development.

High scalability

Shopify makes it easy and fast to scale your online store to your needs. You can easily respond to growing demand and save costs at the same time.

Benefits of Shopify
  • High speed and performance of the store
  • Easy personalization and automation with Shopify Flow
  • Scalability and flexibility without additional maintenance costs
  • Easy integration with other tools and services using REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Security and reliability
  • Extra B2B features
  • Quality support and user community
Why choose MageXo
  • We have experience and references from complex international e-commerce projects.
  • We develop custom headless and composable commerce solutions.
  • We build on open and transparent communication.
  • By automating processes we are able to offer reasonable development costs and shorten time-to-market.
  • We have a comprehensive CI/CD background for orchestration and automation within development and operations.