Security updates and Adobe Commerce products enhancements

Christmas season is over. Now it’s time to reflect on how your e-shop performed, whether it coped with the Christmas onslaught, whether you are satisfied with its performance, and the platform’s capabilities. Without a doubt that is a must. But what about e-shop security? Have you thought about that too? Adobe Commerce thinks about security for you.

Both B2C and B2B buyers expect you to know enough about them to make their buying experience memorable. But they also trust you to protect their most sensitive data. With cyber threats at every turn, ensuring the security of your business data is a pretty crucial discipline.

Adobe Commerce is certified as a PCI Level 1 Solution Provider.

PCI Level 1 means that merchants using Adobe Commerce solutions can use PCI Attestation of Compliance to support their PCI certification process. You can run your online business confidently with Adobe by using tools like security scanning to monitor your sites and get up-to-date information about security risks, malware, and unauthorized access. You can rest assured that your security protection is always up-to-date against current and emerging threats. And what new security innovations did Adobe bring in Q4 2021?

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – a set of international security standards designed to prevent the leakage of sensitive payment cardholder data.

Security updates

Reviewing security plans and ensuring software is up to date are important steps in preparation for expansion or other strong seasons from an e-commerce perspective. That’s why Adobe Commerce is continually improving security, most recently with the release of 2.4.3-p1 and 2.3.7-p2, which will help you strengthen your e-commerce store’s protection.

In these releases, which are focused purely on security, Adobe Commerce changes the way it handles session IDs, preventing unauthorized users from performing actions as authorized user. Adobe also restricts administrator access to media gallery folders, preventing indirect deletion of .htaccess files, and lowers the level for complex GraphQL queries to help prevent DOS attacks. It also adds custom variable validation, preventing malicious HTML tags and attributes.

And what other improvements have Adobe Commerce recently introduced?

Product recommendations using Adobe Sensei (Commerce)
Merchants using Adobe Experience Manager or other headless storefront options like React or Vue.js can now integrate Adobe Commerce Product Recommendation units on their sites. There are also new recommendation units that highlight recently viewed products and products with high view-to-purchase ratios and view-to-cart conversions, providing new ways to increase sales. We’ve also added support for B2B sites with customer-specific catalogs and pricing.

Live Search with Adobe Sensei (Commerce) support
This update to Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei has significantly reduced catalog incorporation and reindexing times, ensuring that search results contain the most up-to-date product information. Search relevance has also been improved by introducing partial word searches along with full word searches.

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