Adobe Introduces Upgrade Compatibility Tool

Do you want to identify incompatible customizations before upgrading Magento proactively? In early 2021, Adobe came up with a useful tool to help reduce risk as well as the cost of routine upgrades. Read on to find out how it works.

Do you want to do upgrades smartly?

Software updates are an integral part of every project, including the smallest ones. However they are very often neglected and do not receive considerable attention, for example, due to the instant financial costs that are needed elsewhere. However, these “technical debts on upgrades” accumulate over time, which may result in some risks. But we probably all know this in terms of development.

But Adobe has come up with a relatively revolutionary functionality that solves all the difficulties associated with upgrading.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool allows you to proactively identify incompatible customizations before upgrading Magento, making the process more predictable and reducing the cost of performing routine upgrades. And it pays off.

So how does the Upgrade Compatibility Tool work?

It is a command-line interface (CLI) tool that analyzes the customization for a given Magento instance and identifies the code that will need to be updated before the upgrade. In its Alpha version, the Upgrade Compatibility Tool can validate the Magento PHP API and GraphQL schema to identify potential issues that need to be resolved before upgrading with the next upgrade planning. Although the goal of the upgrade compatibility tool is to increase the flow of the upgrade process, it does not reduce the need for regression testing. (source:

The alpha version is currently available and distributed as a Composer package. You can download it from the Magento Marketplace, which we also wrote about recently, by the way.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is available to all Magento Commerce customers upgrading from version 2.x to later. A new version will also be released for each new version of Magento Commerce.

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