MageXo Letters – November 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, we have November and it’s already classic … MageXo Letters.

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Welcome to the November MageXo Letters!

We will take another look at the most interesting events from the world of Magento and invite you to the Tech Meetup, which takes place on November 11, so stay alert 🙂

Radek Zejda

Magento Commerce 2.4.1 – a new version is available

In mid-October, Magento introduced an updated version of its Commerce 2.4.1, which now brings:

  • Improved modes of transport for B2B

  • More than 15 security enhancements

  • Improved performance, GraphQL, infrastructure and PWA Studio

  • and much more

With the next upgrade to 2.4.2, you can look forward to the Safe Upgrade Tool, which simplifies the upgrade process and reduces the overall TCO.

PWA is the future standard in frontend solutions, delivering an excellent User Experience

Adobe product marketing manager Nate Smith said that at a time when mobile shopping is becoming a matter of course, PWAs are a necessity due to their unique UX. You can also find out what PWAs are in an interview with our inhouse expert David Vršek.

How to grow a business and increase sales in the B2B sector?

In the online environment, B2B still lags behind B2C. Of course, B2B is a much more complex segment, which is not easy at all with the transition to the digital world. Why is Magento a great opportunity for business to business? Read the article from Strix.

Pražská společnost Nusilec spouští B2B online makretplace

One example is the Czech company Nusilec, which has decided to provide sales organizations with a tool that digitizes and modernizes the business activities of its clients.

The Big Five of the German e-com generates quite a decent income

The five largest players in German e-commerce generate total revenues of € 17.5 billion. This clearly demonstrates the enormous and substantial position it occupies online in today’s world. Take a look at the TOP 5 of them.

Invitation to Tech Meetup Ostrava

An online Tech Meetup will take place on November 11 at 5:30 pm on our YouTube channel, which will be dedicated to the topic of agility from a development perspective. Several interesting personalities from the Czech e-commerce environment will give their lectures. Participation is free and you can sign up now. For an overview of all other events, our MageXo HUB is definitely worth watching.

Meetup Ostrava

We were part of an online conference E15

Filip Krejčí, CEO of MageXo spoke about the key challenges in the consolidated approach of the most successful players in e-commerce. Take a look at the record.


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