MageXo HUB is a place (online & offline) where Magento community meets.
No matter where you are in the Magento ecosystem, MageXo HUB is here to support Magento community through collaboration, cooperation, training, education, and innovation. MageXo HUB brings Magento people closer together. HUB is based in the heart of Europe – in Prague, Czech Republic.



Upcoming events


DEV session #1 – Vue3, Magento, project management  October 20, from 5.30 p.m. online

Talks (only in Czech):
Magento modularity: With great power comes great responsibility
Jiří Brada (MageXo)

Agile contracts and hybrid methods of project management
Vojtěch Košák (MageXo)

Vue3: What to look forward to?
Ondřej Janošík (Notum Technologies)

Facebook event


Meetup v MageXo  spring 2021


Project management in e-commerce – to be announced


PWA as future of enterprise platforms – to be announced



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