UX & CX Design

Customer’s shopping behavior is changing. UX helps you keep up

Many e-shops are underperforming because they were designed without the end-user in mind. In these situations, executives or even IT developers who think they know their clients typically make important decisions. 

As a result, websites are designed for the stakeholders and not for the customers. All this can be prevented with the UX approach.


Typical business areas that can improve ROI (return of investment) from user experience are:

Support costs
Customer retention
Development costs
Team productivity
Time to market

How do we execute UX design

UX is not just about research and design. It’s about a holistic strategy. You’re creating a vision and a plan that will both delight users and provide tangible business results.

We involve end users throughout the design and development to ensure our frontends are fully usable and provide an engaging and enjoyable user experience. We are analyzing data, interviewing users and observing them while they interact with the e-shop. 

In turn, those can be applied to prototype e-shop that better serve the client’s needs. With continuous testing and adjustments, we can help you improve conversions and ease of use, reduce mistakes and increase overall customer satisfaction.