dspot: B2B on Shopify Basic plan

B2B online store built on top of the Shopify Basic plan , selling hardware to corporate clients. Custom invoice system and logic to support multiple billing addresses for single users.

Project objective

  • B2B on Shopify Basic is a challenge in itself.
  • Client needed to prepare a custom invoicing and checkout solution along with support of multiple billing addresses for single customer that could be maintained on Shopify backend.

How did we deal with it?

Dspot required for a single customer to have the option to select from multiple billing addresses. This feature is only supported on Shopify Plus via Companies feature. We overcame this blocker by changing default address for customer by custom UI component injected to Dawn theme done via API microservice placed between Shopify and the client.

After clicking the checkout link, draft order was created instead of standard order to support custom pricing and controlling order market based on custom UI component rather than shipping address which is standard in Shopify.

Once the draft order was created, we needed to generate a complex invoice that is not supported in Shopify and requirements of DSpot did not allow us to use a 3rd party app, 2% conversion fee added to price after conversion was also an issue.

Therefore creation of Invoice was done on Node.JS Microservice using Easy Invoice to reduce hardware requirements and allowing us to control final price on the invoice to exclude 2% conversion fee and match store price. 

Invoice was then sent by custom admin action extension which called Nodemailer service that used Dspot’s MS Exchange account.

Provided services

  • Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Easy invoice integration
  • Shopify template customisation (Dawn)
  • Admin action creation
  • Checkout customisations via Draft orders