MageXo Integration Services

Integrations are key element for e-commerce consolidation and unification of your business e-commerce processes. Integrate Magento with 3rd party solutions.

Magento as enterprise e-commerce platform and global e-commerce leader provide extensive integration capabilities. Magento web API framework support REST and SOAP and can be used to perform a wide array of integrations. 

Integrate Magento with ERP system

Integration with ERP system will allow you synchronize products, orders, stock statuses, customers, invoices etc. You also can gather all offline orders, purchace history and support all your e-commerce processes.

Sales Force

Integrate Magento with CRM system

Integration with CRM Systems (for example Sales Froce) helps you conveniently manage store data in one place, avoiding errors and data losses. Also, it allows gathering all important information about your customers like purchase history and customer behavior to leverage your store analytics.

Integrate Magento with marketplaces

Reach more potential clients by integrating your Magento product catalog into eBay, Amazon, or and others. Sync product, order, and customer data gather it in your admin panel and manage all sales channels from one place. As a result, you save time on products updating and get more revenue from additional sales sources.

Integrate Magento with Payment method

Thanks to the integration of the payment system, you will increase the security of your clients and you will not have to worry about fraud with 3D Secure. We are able to work with PayPay, Amazon Pay or czech Mall Pay.

Integrate Magento with marketing automation tool

Improve your store marketing strategy: connect Magento with services, chats, sales and analytics tools and use customers data to the full. Create targeted marketing campaigns to skyrocket sales, increase users retention and get detailed analytics reports to grow your business.

Integrate Magento with PIM system

Product Information Management (for example Ergonode) can radically simplify the process of creating, maintaining, and managing product descriptions and specifications for your online and offline product catalogs.