Integration services

The great advantage of the Magento platform is that thanks to the integration we can easily connect it with any other system and adapt it exactly to your needs.

For larger projects with complex integrations, where the goal is to cover more countries simultaneously, we usually use an integration platform. This will ensure unification and reduce the number of integrations needed. Alternatively, it can also serve as a queue for the elimination of the peaks. The integration platform can be developed as your own project (e.g., Redhat Fuse), or you can use an existing solution as a service.

Pre-integrated solutions in Magento

You have the following ready-made integrations of payment gateways and marketing automation tools at your disposal:

Unlimited API integration options

Do you need to integrate Magento with your ERP, CRM or PIM system? Would you like to connect the platform with marketplaces? This is exactly the task for API. We work with technologies that support the use of API – whether it is traditional REST, SOAP, or modern GraphQL.

The Magento architecture is designed so that individual modules or even parts of one module communicate with each other via an internal API. Such an architecture then allows very easy extension with web API interfaces (REST, GraphQL, etc.). Thanks to this, the system can be integrated or expanded in any direction.

Integrate Magento with ERP system

Integration with the ERP system will allow you to synchronize products, orders, stock statuses, customers, invoices, etc. You also can gather all offline orders, purchase history, and support all your e-commerce processes.

Sales Force

Integrate Magento with CRM system

Integration with CRM Systems (for example Sales Force) helps you conveniently manage store data in one place, avoiding errors and data losses. Also, it allows gathering all important information about your customers like purchase history and customer behavior to leverage your store analytics.

Integrate Magento with PIM system

Product Information Management (for example Ergonode) can radically simplify the process of creating, maintaining, and managing product descriptions and specifications for your online and offline product catalogs.

Integrate Magento with marketplaces

Reach more potential clients by integrating your Magento product catalog into eBay, Amazon, or and others. Sync product, order, and customer data gather it in your admin panel, and manage all sales channels from one place. As a result, you save time on products updating and get more revenue from additional sales sources.

Integration modules on the Magento Marketplace

Another way to expand Magento is with the help of integration modules available on the Magento Marketplace, eg. M2E Pro. Magento also has robust options for customizing modules according to your needs.