Implementation services

Our mission is the implementation and long-term development of omnichannel e-commerce platforms with an international dimension (primarily the EU), focusing on our customers’ individual needs.

  • To manage pipelines in development, we use Gitlab CI connected to our own CI / CD platform – Magexo DEV Cloud. It is fully integrated with the local developer environment.

  • MageXo Cloud is a platform built from Docker containers, containing a number of preset services (Redis, Varnish, MySQL, RabbitMQ, etc.) and tools (for debugging, quality control, useful aliases), thanks to which fast and efficient development is possible.

  • Thanks to this platform, we are able to deploy code from development to production very quickly and with high quality. Thanks to the cloud, we can do parallel pre-release (stage) branches, and thus there are no blockages or delays in the deployment of critical parts.

  • Separate feature branches for each issue are very effective for testing and getting feedback.

Continuous development & integration

Thanks to the integration, we produce our own environment on the Cloud for each new “feature”. It is possible to test or present individual “features”, and we do not block any environment or release.

  • Streamlined development of new features

  • Faster, frequent and quality feature releases

  • Magento development &  deployment best practices and experience


  • Through automation and development & deployment tools

  • Time/cost saving for developers, testers or DevOps around 5%-20%


  • Automated testing of core business processes

  • Functional and quality tests triggered on every code change

  • More frequent non-blocking releases

  • Gathering feedback from involved stakeholders (PM, testers, etc.) as soon as possible

  • Fail-proof deployment prevents from human mistakes

  • Monitoring of core business processes and integration surrounding

The main benefits of our solution

Improved productivity and efficiency

  • Deployment automation and development tools
  • Saves time for developers, testers, project managers, and more
  • Minimization of hardware requirements thanks to environment optimization (Magento oriented, repeating patterns, data deduplication, etc.)

Accelerate delivery to production

  • Faster development, non-blocking branches, and deployment automation
  • Faster evaluation and financial benefit of new features

Reliable deployment

  • Thanks to the process of creating the release and automating the tests
  • Minimization of risks associated with an incorrect release

Improved quality

  • Significant reduction in the number of errors
  • Minimization of production incidents