Web administration in the 21st century with Magento Page Builder

Create rich content pages and advanced product descriptions directly integrated into the catalog with the native Magento Page Builder

Magento Page Builder

Content management has never been easier

Content is still king, quality copywriting is attracting, and rich-content product descriptions determine your conversion rate.

With native Magento Page Builder you can easily:

  • Create responsive page content in a corporate identity with Drag & Drop
  • Insert and easily edit different amounts of content – images, videos, banners, product sliders, maps, image backgrounds, custom HTML blocks, buttons, etc.
  • Insert dynamic blocks that are displayed in a personalized way using the set logic (price rules and customer segments)
  • Save your content as a template and use it in different places, including your other domains under one administration
  • Schedule publishing, etc.

Create your own landing pages and reduce your costs

Creating rich, graphical landing pages has never been easier. Embedding product content linked to a catalog is an out-of-the-box component.

Customize your Page Builder

It is possible to implement your own components specific to your business in Page Builder and thus adapt the customization of the website.

Native Magento Page Builder is available in the Magento Commerce edition.

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