What do Intelligence and Business have in common?

Magneto Business Intelligence. Connect all data into a single and above all easy-to-understand graphical interface, thanks to which you will be able to evaluate your next business steps.


Magento Business Intelligence – what is it and what can we achieve with it?

Today, a business based on the collection of large amounts of data simply cannot do without the right arrangement of data structures. Data is an authoritative and supporting pillar, which consists of, for example, information from the Magento system, web analyzes and metrics or, for example, marketing channels and so on. As a result, the problem with different data sources may be that they are located in different places, such as cloud storage, spreadsheets, or even in places that may not be accessible to you because they are in charge of a colleague from another department and you lose complexity overview.

That’s why Magento comes up with its Business Intelligence solution, which connects all this important data from different places together, giving you an unmistakable overview that you can even customize into statistics, graphs and other forms of visual representation of information. So it’s a single repository that stores all your essential data and information you need for your business.

Magento Business Intelligence offers several very handy tools

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting provides access to a set of flexible reports based on your products, orders, and customer data with a configurable dashboard tailored to your business.

This is a cloud service used by Magento Business Intelligence. As you can see in the picture below, this is what the so-called Advanced Reporting looks like. Categories such as revenue, orders, average order value, refunds, and more help you report clearly in one place.

Preview of the advanced reporting interface

Preview of the advanced reporting interface


If you activate Magento BI, you get access to five panels with approximately 100 assemblies. These reports are designed to provide information about your data and answer questions such as:

  • How do orders grow month-on-month?
  • Who are the most loyal customers?
  • Is the discount coupon strategy working?

Magento Business Intelligence is a cloud-based data management and analysis platform that gives you the ability to easily collect and manage data sources, model data, create graphs and reports, and maintain a single source.

Thanks to Magento Business Intelligence, you can answer questions such as ROI (your return on investment) or Customer Retention (sustainability of your customers) in a short time. We perceive Business Intelligence as a noble helper for both our and your business.

Who is Business Intelligence for?


Marketers can use this tool ideally to determine the most advantageous and best ways to invest in your company. Thanks to the effective and constant determination of customer values that are available from the data that Business Intelligence brings you.


The system will mainly use for its own strategic observations and ad hoc issues


He can better and more effectively understand which categories, sellers and especially which products generate the most profitable sales – at the same time he will gain insight into the issue of how to attract the best and most lucrative customers.

Product Manager

It easily looks at the statistics of the behavior of the most interesting customers and can define the most suitable priorities for their return.

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