Get to Know the Features of Magento Commerce

Magento keeps working on introducing technologies and features, which will help you improve your e-shop. Thanks to that, you will provide your customers with the best experience and they will return to you. Learn what features you can get with the Magento Commerce platform.




  • With an e-shop built on Magento Commerce, you will get your own content management system, so you will easily manage the content of your website. Everything from product descriptions to blogs. Magento offers Drag & Drop features, easy integration of products and content, third-party content (such as videos or maps) or static block integration.


  • Show the right product to the right person at the right time. Magento ensures that you segment your customers and then tailor their purchase to them. You can present customized content, promotions, products, and prices based on customer profiles, online behaviour, and purchase history.
  • Thanks to the customized B2C environment, you’ll see an increase in metrics such as conversion rate or average order value.


  • Magento Commerce offers a simple two-step payment process and the Instant Purchase feature.
  • The Instant Purchase feature uses previously saved payment and shipping information. It immediately redirects the customer to the confirmation page, where the customer places the order. There is no need to re-enter address, payment information, or preferred delivery method. Magento will take care of that.


  • The possibility to present products from many different angles through images and give buyers the opportunity to zoom in, view customer reviews, recommendations, and see product specifications, these are expectations not only in the world of B2C but also B2B. You can easily do all that with Magento Commerce.


  • Mobile business is a priority for Magento. With the progressive web application, your customers will enjoy their shopping even more. Thanks to our PWA Studio, you will gain a greater advantage on the market and keep it the coming years.


  • The Magento Commerce platform offers various distribution channel options for various company sizes. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt to your growth or changes of your business.


  • The EPOS feature helps you make the orders, sales, and monitoring of physical transaction processes more effective. It automatically tracks inventory and continuously updates numbers. Freedom for you and your colleagues, thanks to access from anywhere.
  • EPOS will create accurate inventory estimates. You will see trends and the system will identify busy periods and plan accordingly. This will ensure your readiness for such seasons. You will not keep excess inventory during the periods when it is not needed. You will save capacities and you will be able to focus on marketing efforts.


Magento Business Intelligence is a cloud platform for data management and visualization. It offers integrated, easy-to-use dashboards and messaging tools, so that the customers can professionally use their data.


  • Data visualization with charts and trends
  • Panning and sending of e-mails with current data


  • The Content Staging feature makes it possible for you to schedule a wide range of content updates for your e-shop directly from the admin environment. This way, your website can automatically change throughout the year according to plan.

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