Lighthouse Performance Score

StoreFront X outperforms similar products in all Lighthouse Performance Score metrics.
You can use this tool to find out how your website is doing.

Combining the best of other frameworks

  • It’s a combination of a server-side rendering web app and a modern PWA app. 
  • With built-in best practices 
  • Replaces mobile app with PWA
  • Uses the modern headless approach
  • Quicker and better time to market 
  • Built on Vue and Nuxt.js
  • No technology legacy

Performance matters

  • Fills your M-Commerce gap.
  • Maximizes website speed and other performance metrics.
  • Improves conversion rate. Better speed means more orders. 
  • Improves UX & CX of your website.

Improves your SEO

  • Implemented Full SSR (server-side rendering)
  • Adapted for Web Vitals 
  • Google promotes SEO of PWA based websites
  • Google promotes quicker websites
  • Google promotes PWA apps on Google Play
  • Microsoft promotes PWA apps on Windows Store
Easy to use

StoreFront X is built just for Magento, so it doesn’t have to compromise or deal with excessive complexity. It is easier to develop, expand and maintain on it compared to other products working on multiple backends.


Thanks to its modular architecture, StoreFront X is the ideal solution for large enterprise projects. It consists of a minimal core and additional modules for particular features, so it can be easily customized.

Supports SSR

When the browser makes an initial query, it returns a fully rendered HTML that can be displayed immediately. The page will load quickly. Other products can’t do this, so the HTML is blank and a lot of JavaScript must be loaded.

StoreFront X Story

Once upon a time, we were looking for a suitable solution among PWA frameworks all over the world. We needed a perfect solution for our Magento 2 enterprise clients. But we did not find anything that would suit. Our clients were unhappy with other frameworks during complex projects. 

We came up with the StoreFrontX vision. We spent thousands of hours with development and orchestration. And here you are. Everything we do is performance-driven. There is no such solution in the world. Storefront X is simply the fastest.

Implementation with MageXo

  • We are a certified Magento expert (Magento Professional Solution Partner, Adobe Silver Solution Partner) with 150+ Magento professionals.
  • We are part of the international Strix consortium within which we share resources and know-how.
  • We have experience and references from complex projects.
  • We are a healthy and stable Czech company with one owner and more than ten years of experience with Magento.
  • We believe that transparency is the key to long-term cooperation.
  • Thanks to the reasonable development costs, and automated processes, we significantly lower Time-To-Market and Total-Costs-of-Ownership.
  • We use a complex CI/CD environment for orchestration and automation in development and operation.
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