Who we are

We are a group of enthusiasts who know why they are here. Our jointly created vision drives us to work further.
Nobody has to tell us WHAT and WHY we need to do. Mainly, we focus on HOW to do it so that we can continuously improve WHAT we do – as individuals, a team, and the whole company. Our employees are a group of funny and interesting people, and we would like to expand it with some other exciting persons or teammates who would also sometimes party with us, play football or some game on the Xbox. We organise joint events that unite us and help to create a free culture where everyone has a say. Thus, we are looking for colleagues who pretend to be something they’re not and will help us to create cool and smart e-shops for our Enterprise clients with whom we have great relationships based on long-term co-operation.
We are the MageXo family

What we do

MageXo is a technology company that has been implementing e-shops using the global Magento platform since 2008. As a leader on the Czech market, our team of e-commerce specialists is involved in the largest and most demanding Magento projects at both the local and European level. At the same time, we run our own technological activities that differentiate us on the market entirely as they are very interesting for our customers and the developer community. If you are interested, come by for coffee, tea or soda, and we will be happy to tell you more. We can discuss everything and who knows… maybe you will find your place here, just as each of us has.

Join us and change the world of e-commerce